Captivating. Inspiring. Powerful. A challenging and provocative poke in the ribs!

All these terms have been used to describe my keynote The Power of Inclusion

 A poignant, relevant, positive and practical keynote presentation which can be delivered virtually or in-person and tailored to your specific needs.

Through sharing my personal story, I provide the audience with several core takeaways. Here are just a few:

  • Understanding why exclusion happens

  • ‘Busting the myth’ on privilege

  • Using inclusive language

  • Knowing the true definition of inclusion

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Her storytelling capability, coupled with her easy to apply principles mean you will feel engaged from start to finish and be able to make a difference in how you live and work immediately.

More than that, she’s super easy to work with!

So, if you’re a conference organiser or event planner, have no fear. We do the hard work so you can relax. Terms and conditions are transparent and straightforward. We’ll arrange a discovery call to ensure your objectives are met and provide you with photos, bios and supporting documentation to promote your event in advance. Jackie will always ensure she is prompt, prepared and supportive of what you need before, during and after your event.

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View The Power of I, Namibia 2020


Jackie delivered a brilliant half-day session to our managers, combining robust and thought-provoking content with numerous exercises, tools, questions and models for practical use.

Brilliantly engaging with pretty much everyone contributing at some point. Can’t wait to invite her to a face-to-face session when possible.

Executive Director, National Housing Business

Jackie is an absolute star! I have learnt so much from her already, she makes the training fun and enjoyable!

She gives me confidence in what I do and makes me feel more comfortable in my role. I can’t thank Jackie enough for the effort that she puts in.

Business Manager, National Recruitment Business

Jackie creates a warm, fun and safe learning environment which enables people to push themselves out of their comfort zones with confidence.

Managing Director, Global Screening Business

I have faced many challenges around team members and cultural understanding between various locations. Jackie’s course has given me lots of answers and tools to deal with these challenges I face daily and in the future.

In my experience, Jackie is one of the most professional, knowledgeable and articulate trainers in her field.

Senior Agile Coach, Global IT Business

I absolutely loved working with Jackie. The support and guidance she gave was invaluable and the skills I learned will allow me to develop myself and my team confidently.

The virtual platform was no barrier for the warmth she created and the engagement felt throughout the programme.

Project Manager, Global Pharmaceutical Company

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